ZigBee to RS232 Converter

The zigB-232 is an integrated low cost Zigbee to RS232 Convertor. This Zigbee to RS232 adapter is completely complaint with ZigBee wireless protocol specification.
It is ideal for a range of application for complex RS232 cable networks.
It comes in a rugged plastic casing with integrated antenna and inbuilt virtual com port. A free Windows compatible GUI configuration utility is available. The utility allows users to set different configurations based on the type of application, together with several of required ZigBee variables.


-> Input Power: DC 9-36V
-> Temperature:-40°C –85°C
-> Interface: RS232
-> UART baud rate:9600bps(Default), Selectable 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps, 115200bps.
-> Wireless Frequency:2.4GHz
-> Wireless Protocol:ZigBee2007 / PRO Transfer
-> Distance:700 meters for in sighted distance
-> MAX Send current:34mA
-> MAX receiving current:25mA
-> Receiving sensitivity:-97dBm
-> Core: ZigBee certified Microcontroller from Texas Instruments
-> Mounting flanges for easy wall mounting
-> Free GUI Configuration Software (Windows Version)  

 -> Based on certified Zigbee Stack from Texas Instruments.