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About Us

Tangent offers a wide range of technology solutions & products that cater to both general / sector-agnostic needs, as well as specific vertical applications. This comprehensive approach allows Tangent to address the diverse requirements of various industries and offer tailored solutions to meet specific use cases and challenges.

Understanding the needs & challenges of our customers and providing reliable and user-friendly technology solutions is our constant endeavor.

Our brand stands on building strong relationships with our customers and providing excellent support.

Our Products

Our Solutions

Events & Updates

  – Upskilling


    1. Automotive CAN Protocol – Guided Hands-On practice Session

Coding or Skill Challenges

   Embedded Domain

    1. ARM Microcontroller – EEPROM  Interface on I2C
    2. ARM Microcontroller – CAN Interface

   Software Domain

    1. GUI Implementation – with Serial Port Communication